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    POP3 Mail and Outlook ????


    by dschneider ·

    I have one client where I work, the company President, who has pop mail on his laptop. I am setting up a new laptop for him, I copied over his documents and his .pst files, gut I cannot see the GAL or any Personal Address Book(s). Also, both of his laptops are in a Workgroup and not members of the 2000 Domain.

    Any suggestions??

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      Reply To: POP3 Mail and Outlook ????

      by pctech26 ·

      In reply to POP3 Mail and Outlook ????

      Does he have Windows XP? If he is the president, I am guessing he does.

      I don’t know how to solve the pop mail problem, but I can help with the 2000 Domain issue.

      You can keep him in his workgroup and set him up to access the domain server. Go into his user account. At the top left there should be something that says ‘Manage My Network Passwords’. I don’t remember the exact words. Add a new network password. For server type the computer name of the server not the domain name. For user type domain/user (I always forget if its a forward or back slash). Then type password. The user and password is the user and password you set up for the president on the domain server.

      Good Luck!

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