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Populating a table with multiple images

By neil30076 ·
I need to build a dynamic table that will display 4 columns x any number of rows, where each row x column combination contains an image a brief text. The user will see 4 images per row, and 4 sets of text, repeated for however many rows are required to show all the records.
Image urls and text come from a database where each database record is a image/text combination. Can someone give me a clue how to start this .

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is this homework?

by mac1ne In reply to Populating a table with m ...

umm....this is pretty basic programming, you should google "tutorial" and whatever language you hope to use.


table open
for each record returned from the database query

if i == 0 or i/4 leaves no remainder
tr open
i_have_a_row_open = true
end if

td open
print the record image
print the record text
td close

if (i != 0 and i/4 leaves no remainder) OR i_have_a_row_open == true
tr close
i_have_a_row_open = false
end if

table close

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by jalleyne In reply to Populating a table with m ...

depends on the language u plan to use or are already using, i did this in php recently and this is how i accomplihed it. there may be other ways but it worked fine. im assuming u have the knowledge of the language and the database scripting.

1.design the table with 1 row and image place holders and room for watever else u need to add in there. i.e text.

2. put the table cell into a "while" loop statement, making sure the <table> and </table> tags are outside the loops (open tag before loop and close table tag after loop). so that it repeats as many times as u have entries from your db and that should rewrite the table code for each entry.

check google for more details if needed. this is pretty simple programming.. hope it helps

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Table of images

by ppoxon In reply to basics

Check out Ifanview. It will create a table of images and you can add information and or labels to the images. Check out also programs that create Thumnails

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