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Popup ad on TR

By jck ·
Twice now in the past week, I have had a popup dialog come up on my computer telling me that I could have something on my computer.

Given, I know it's not true. We have a comprehensive security suite on each PC, as well as our servers, and security measures at our firewalls, routers and what not.

It seems that one of TR's ad servers is now pushing popup ads with windows that go to looking similar to Windows Explorer and what not. I would think this is the same kind of *ware that websites use to try and get you to load some control or app of theirs.

Has anyone else hit this issue?

Is anyone else annoyed that you can't paruse TR in peace now without some ad spinning up once a week and taking over your browser?

(Sorry if this is a re-hash, but I had to bring it up.)

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Not anything I have seen yet

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Popup ad on TR

Maybe you have an Infection.

Given, I know it's not true.

If you use Windows in any form how do you know this?

Some argue that Windows itself is nothing more than a Virus but I have to disagree with that sediment. After all what other Virus/Malware do you actually pay for before you start using it and which ones come after you for Piracy?

But on a more serious note just because your Security Suite of Apps says that things are clean doesn't mean that they are just that the Apps that are supposed to secure things can not identify the Infection that you have.

No I have yet to see anything like what you are seeing and I'm using XP with IE7.

Col 0:-)

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That was funny

by LocoLobo In reply to Popup ad on TR

I haven't had that issue until I clicked on your post. Then I was redirected to some ad somewhere. I was going to mention surveys though. They keep popping up on this site.

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survey ads

by jck In reply to That was funny

Yeah, I get those too. You can click the close and they go away though.

This one is one of those that pops up a window. When you click the X in the top right, it opens another window that looks similar to Windows Explorer. Just reminds me of all those popups you get on less respectable sites.

Just kinda scared me that TR might have an ad company spinning that thing once in a blue moon to a user and someone (who doesn't know better) might load an ActiveX control or something (trusting that TR would not hurt them) and end up with some spyware or malware or adware on their PC.

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The one I saw was a redirect

by LocoLobo In reply to survey ads

rather than a popup. Techrepublic dissapeared as if I clicked a link, which I didn't.

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by jck In reply to The one I saw was a redir ...

it wasn't a popup. guess that's the wrong technical term for it. the initial thing that came up was a dialog window. then when i tried to close it, it went to that Windows Explorer-like thing. I hit Esc there and it closed the window and TR's window wasn't there anymore.

That may have been what happened to me as redirected me. I'll back up through my windows and see if I can get the ad to repeat from cache here in a minute. I'm running mbam right now, and so far it's clean.

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Something Similar

by NetMan1958 In reply to Popup ad on TR

Yesterday I was browsing the "Questions" listings and had something tried to open Adobe Reader and my Nod32 blocked it. I took a screen shot of all the popups and the Nod32 message, but forgot to save it to a file. If it happens again, I'll save the screen shot and try to get it to the appropriate person at TR.

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good idea

by jck In reply to Something Similar

I'll try to do that too when it happens again.

If there's an advertisers spinning ads with bad content, I wouldn't want TR hang out there and get hurt by it.


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by GSG In reply to Popup ad on TR

Sorry, but I think you do have a virus. I thought I was protected as well, but I got a similar pop-up and discovered several viruses that 2 AV apps couldn't find.

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I'll go download a couple others

by jck In reply to Virus

But, we have a pretty tight setup. I'll scan with other tools and see what happens.

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try mbam

by Forum Surfer In reply to I'll go download a couple ...

I know for a fact it gets a few that slip through Symantec and other corporate av solutions. There are a few pop up related infections that many av solutions miss, mbam seems to take care of these. Enough so that I keep the installer on my keychain drive, which is usually reserved for music, photos and a portable version of open office.

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