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    Popup Blocker


    by bpt459 ·

    I am trying to help a user transfer a file from a certain website, into an excel spreadsheet. But Everytime I try the popup blocker that comes with SP2 blocks the excel file which is a popup. I have tried disabling popup blocker through tools>turn off popup blocker. I have also tried having popup blocker on and putting the website we are trying to tranfer from in the exception list, to no evail. Any suggestions?

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      Re: Pop up blocker

      by mschan ·

      In reply to Popup Blocker

      Try holding down the key while clicking your link; don’t release it until the new window pops up.

      It works for the Webct website for my college night course.

      If this doesn’t work, it may not be pop up blocker that is causing the problem.

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      It’s not the Pop-Up Blocker..

      by jward6971 ·

      In reply to Popup Blocker

      It’s not the Pop-Up Blocker with SP2. SP2 actually includes a block on downloading files as well. You should be receiving a notice in the information bar that it was blocked. If you click on the information bar, you can choose “Download File…” and then try clicking the link for the file again.

      You can also turn off the download blocking by going to Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab and then clicking the Custom button. Scroll down the list to the Downloads section and change the File Download setting to Enable. Should do the trick permanently for you!

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