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    Port 25 Blocked


    by starbucksne1 ·

    My ISP is blocking my port 25, any way around this.

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      blocked 25

      by jrice ·

      In reply to Port 25 Blocked

      if this is affecting your ablity to send email contact them. If on the other hand you are running a mail server and you should not be this might explain the blocked port? You have not really provided enough info to give a detailed answer

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      by briandesu ·

      In reply to Port 25 Blocked

      Most ISP’s block port 25 for non-businesses. You have to contact your provider, and request the port be opened.

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        If they all would

        by roger99a ·

        In reply to Expected

        I wish all the ISP’s would block port 25. This would eliminate half my spam and almost all the viruses coming into my server.

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      Use another port

      by doobiedoobs ·

      In reply to Port 25 Blocked


      There is a service that uses another port(558 I guess, not sure). This is not widely available though 🙁 Some smtp servers might support this so check your documentation and of course, your ISP if they allow that, hihihi(they could also block that)…


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      Not really

      by dbucyk ·

      In reply to Port 25 Blocked

      If you are using Telnetting to get through the internet to another computer, then the only way is to contact your ISP.

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