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Port 80, Network Error

By ddvorpahl ·
Port 80 Network Error
I receive the following error when I try to go to various sites:
Network Error
Unable to request URL from host Operation timed out

I xxx'ed out the real site name as it isn't important but the problem is.

I have no third party apps running only Norton Antivirus. This just started and I have checked all the Internet Explorer 6.0 settings, have done all the updates and still I get this error on some sites.

AOL lets me get to these sites ok, but I don't like using AOL for this.

Do I need to delete 6.0 & reinstall it?

I received 4 posts from this question, but none of them was any help.

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by dmiles In reply to Port 80, Network Error

This article was previously published under Q286364
When you are hosting a Web site behind a proxy server or any device that serves as a middleman between the client and server (i.e. local director or other device with rudimentary proxy functions, and the Web site is using a port other than the default port 80, some clients may not be able to connect to the Web site by using its URL.
This behavior can occur when the URL of the Web site is not specified correctly. The correct syntax for a URL request is:

Note the trailing slash (/). If this trailing slash is left off, redirect messages from the Internet Information Server (IIS) server to the client will include the trail as well as the port number. If this port number differs from the port that the proxy server is listening on for IIS traffic, then the proxy server will remove it before forwarding the redirect message to the client.
To resolve this behavior, either use the correct syntax when you request a URL, or configure the Web site to use the default port 80.

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by ddvorpahl In reply to

To dmiles:

As I stated in my request to resolve this problem, I use the same site name on my home computer as on AOL. My son, who is connected to my home network via a Linksys Router, can connect to these sites, but I can't. Please help.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Port 80, Network Error

You say AOL will allow you to get to these sites, how are you getting to AOL, dialup?
Are you able to get to other sites without AOL? if not I would suspect an TCP/IP config problem.
If it is timing out, your DNS settings may be incorrect, or your gateway settings, or even your IP address. How are you connected, you stated that your son was connected through a Linksys router, are you? Is the Router setup to give DHCP addresses?

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by ddvorpahl In reply to

To: w2ktechman,

Below are the answers I previously gave to questions you might have concerning my connection.

I am connected using ComCast Cable modem via Linksys Router to which I and my son are connected. I connect to AOL via the
bring your own internet program.

I have the exact same setting in IE as my son who has Win XP Home Version and the same settings as I have at work. My son is connected to the same Linksys Router as I am. At work I am connected to DSL through a BellSouth Router.
I connected to these sites before with the same computer at home. It is only recently that I cannot connect to these sites. I have not yet reinstalled IE, however.

I have the same url, address, name, whatever you wish to call it in AOL as I do in IE6. I have changed nothing. As I said before, I can type the same information on my son's computer as my own but, with his, get to the site. I don't know what else to do but to reload IE6 and hope for the best. My concern is the e-mail, outlook express, favorites and just reloading any Microsoft product in general. Thanks for trying.

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by ddvorpahl In reply to Port 80, Network Error

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