port change prevents remote desktop connection, driving me nuts

By bdollarhide ·
When I change the port in RDP to anything other than 3389 I can no longer connect using the Remote Desktop Connection found in XP Pro from work to home and vice versa.

The default 3389 has worked well for years but I need to accommodate RDP connections to more than one computer at a time behind the routers.

Both LANs have a fixed WAN IP address at the router.

Both LANS use static IPs inside the LAN.

I have changed the RDP ports in the registries.

I have remote desktop enabled in System Props.

I have configged the routers to port forward the new port numbers to the appropriate boxes.

I have created new exceptions in XP's firewall to allow the ports to be open.

I have even experimented turning both the router firewalls and the XP firewalls completely off.

At no time have I ever been able to get RDP to connect using addresses such as 123.456.7.89:7369.

I have verified that terminal services is running by executing services.msc command.

I have verified that the PCs are listening on TCP port 7369 (or whatever) executing netstat -a at the command prompt.

I have used MS PortQry GUI tool to verify that the ports are enabled.

I have used the open port check tool at to make sure the ports are seen.

I am using new Cisco Linksys routers, one is the four port BEFSR41 wired router/switch in front of a 16 port Linksys hub and the other is a four port wireless WRT54G with the host computers being wired, not wireless.

What in the world am I missing? It's driving me nuts!

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