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    Port Forwarding


    by michael34 ·


    My question is, I have a friend who is his a reseller on web hosting companies and he is attempting to use some mail programs he has installed, however the problem he has is somewhere along the line port 80 is blocked.

    He has VOL, and that they might have port 80 blocked and how do you think we should get around it?

    Any clues on how to get around a port block? We have routers and have attempted to use forwarding but it don’t work. We can however conenct if we use Port 8100

    For exsample we cannot connect to this site:

    But can connect to this one

    Basically we are wanting people to connect to the one with the 8100, but without the numbers after it, just the domain name, but it appears blocked if we do. Any help?

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      by armylanman ·

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      The problem is probably not with the ISP, or port 80 being blocked. More likely the program as installed is set to listen on port 8100. Your choices would be to either change the program to listen on port 80, or create a proxy of some sort on your end to proxy traffic to that host from port 80 to 8100.

      Check the installation defaults and I’m sure you’ll find a place to change what port the program is listening on. (One thing to consider is that most Email gateways do not work on port 80 to provide a small measure of security, since most scanning on the net is done on port 80 looking for webservers.)


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