port forwarding port 80

By dlandmesser ·
Hey all. I need some help with port forwarding. I have successfully forwarded port 21 and accessed my FTP, but I can't seem to get port 80 working to access my web server. I'm using Xerver, which might be the problem. It works on my LAN, but when I connect from an outside IP it won't find the domain. I'm using a Belkin (first mistake) but I don't think that's the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Port forwarding

by deity_chooch In reply to port forwarding port 80

Forwarding port 80 should be just like forwarding port 21. First though, confirm that the web server is actually serving the web page on the <acronym title="Internet Protocol">IP</acronym> and port number you've entered into the router. If this is working correctly and you can access the page on your <acronym title="Local Area Network">LAN</acronym>, then I would assume something is either misconfigured in the router, or the router is having an issue with port forwarding, in which case maybe try resetting the router.

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I made some progress

by dlandmesser In reply to Port forwarding

Okay I see. I made some progress last night. I changed the port to 8080 and it works now. Unfortunately I now need to type ":8080" after the domain name for it to work. I assume browsers default to port 80 for http, so it won't open without telling it the port to use. I'm confused why port 8080 works and port 80 doesn't. Any guesses? It's probably something simple. Any help would be great. It's not a big deal at this point.

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Not really

by deity_chooch In reply to I made some progress

Nothing comes to mind as to why you can use port 8080 but not 80. Maybe it's something your router's support site has on an <acronym title="Frequently Asked Questions">FAQ</acronym> or something?

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Oh well

by dlandmesser In reply to Not really

Well, whatever. I'm not concerned with it. Thanks for your assistance!

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