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By sabatogz ·
We have a Firewall (Nexland) that allows you a service called "Virtual Server" You can redirect a external Ip and port to an internal ip and port. We have an application that run on a Windows 2003 server and it listens on port 8080. I have opened up port 8080 and redirected any request to this external ip and port to this Internal computer and port.

I can telnet to the computer just fine internal, but have had no luck from the outside.

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by SysEngineer In reply to Port Issue


I am not an expert, just a college student with some certifications and a little experience. I was experimenting a few weeks ago with telnet and If I remember correctly I had to create an incoming user account on the computer to which I was telneting into. Hope this sheds a little light.

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by sabatogz In reply to

Thx for the help Cipher010. We can telnet locally to the app running on port 8080, just not thru the firewall.

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by VinnyD In reply to Port Issue

To telnet in from outside you have to open port 23 which is what telnet uses, thru the firewall.

You say you have an application that listens on port 8080. But what kind of app is it? A web based app may also use port 80 and 443 for http and https.

Strange that it uses port 8080 since that is usually the port for a proxy server.

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by Choppit In reply to Port Issue

Just a thought, port 8080 may already be defined for WAN management of the router. If so, either change it of forward a different WAN port to 8080 internally.

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