Port number on https web site

By JimKlallsoo ·
i can reach an address from my work site which goes through a proxy server.
but as soon as i try
I can't access it.

However from my home broadband i can access both the address' above using the same browser I.E 7.

This one's got me stumped as the port is obviously open. Can anyone assist me on this one.

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The port is obviously open?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Port number on https web ...

Actually, the port is being blocked at work. You'll need to speak with your System Administrator at work and ask if they can open that port. But, I'll bet you money they won't.

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IT Dept

by jhudmon In reply to Port number on https web ...

You should tell your IT dept to allow only your IP to access that IP:Port. They may do that for you, but I doubt it.

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Port 7788

by LarryD4 In reply to Port number on https web ...

As you can see from below this port is either used for certain games or Trojan attacks. I doubt you IT department would open it up at all. I would also be real careful at home to.

Tryin' to play a little UT2004 from work? :)

7788 tcp,udp trojans Trojans that use this port: Last 2000, Singularity (Backdoor.Singu) SG

7788 tcp trojan Last 2000, Last 2000, Singularity Trojans

7788 udp trojan Singularity Trojans

7788 tcp,udp Unassigned IANA

7777-7788,27900,42292 tcp,udp applications Unreal Tournament 2004 Portforward

7700-7800 tcp,udp applications GunZ Portforward

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