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Port Scanning on the network

By andreaspmoller ·
I am in the fortunate position of having taken over a network where patch management is virtually nonexistant!
At the moment I have something on the network that is running port scans. I can ID the machines that are running the scans, but I don't seem to be able to clean or patch them.
The AV that I am using is AVK, I have also tried Norton TNA.

Any ideas as to what to do to rid my network of these threats

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by Roger99a In reply to Port Scanning on the netw ...

I had a virus get past Norton not long ago and this is how we fixed it: find the machines that are scanning and pull them off the network. Yank the hard drives and slave them to a good clean system and scan them with another AV. You might have to try two or three different AV's to find one that will clean them. I used eTrust to clean mine. Before you put the machine back in production run the latest SP from a CD and then run all the other updates.

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by vince In reply to Q&A
Use that to create a (slipstreamed with service packs if needed) Preinstalled Environment CD to boot from. Include AV and Anti-Spyware modules, as many as there are. There's no need to completely dismantle a system unless it's been through thorough scanning. But I do suggest unplugging it from the network till you can verify that it's no longer a threat, including OS and Application specific patching and upgrading.

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by beads In reply to Port Scanning on the netw ...

Try Trend Micro housecall at: www.trendmicro/housecall and run the first two options. Its a fairly small download but it works very well. That should get you out of the hole your in now.

As for port scans? Well, as I have said a number of times over the past few days: Your not really on the Internet till your being scanned - constantly! LOL.

Hopefully, your running a good hardware based firewall to keep the script kiddies at bay.

- beads

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detect it with...

by descartes In reply to Port Scanning on the netw ...

go to
it is a good firewall to detect and drop port scan
it is develop by I.I.S

or if you want to surf in STEALTH mode, meaning
others computer wont detect your presence use
the KASPERSKY antivirus PERSONAL 5.0 it have stealth ability.

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I believe it is malware, adware

by dbucyk In reply to Port Scanning on the netw ...

A hacker has infiltrated your system. It is sending out broadcasts on the system through the network and possibly out to the internet.

The first thing to do is purchase Ad-Aware SE pro, clean the system, and install ZoneAlarm Pro and enable all the functions and make sure your system is in stealth mode.

If you are on a network, you can scan all PCs and rid this attack out of your network and then you can patch it.

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