Portable Hard Drive (Iomega) Problem

By char10101 ·
I have a portable Iomega Hard Drive ( S/N : YSDA100331 & Model : RPHD-TG)
Since I started using the hard drive, I've connected it to my computer using the USB cable that came with the device - this has worked perfectly and I've never had problems before with power supply ect. However, I went to use the device today & the computer won't pick it up (doesn't appear in my computer at all) - the light that signals if the device is on comes on solidly (meaning I assume there is enough power) but the device doesn't actually do anything - usually it made a noise when it was on. It also makes a beeping noise for a few seconds. I've tried using different ports, different cables, restarting my computer, looking for updates. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Well assuming you are using some form of Windows

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Portable Hard Drive (Iome ...

You need to look in Drive Management to see if the drive is appearing there. It's possible that if you have not used the Safely Remove Option on the Task Bar that the Partition Tables on the drive have been corrupted and while the computer is seeing it there are no active partitions on the drive for the system to read.

If you don't need to recover any data on this drive you can run the Format Option by right clicking on the drive in Drive Management and format it.

If you need to get the data off the drive you'll need to run some sort of Data Recovery Software but here it depends on how IMPORTANT that data is. If it's vital to recover I would suggest sending the drive to a professional but if it would only be Nice to recover the data and you can afford to live without it you can start off by trying running Scan Disc from the Run Box in Windows. If that doesn't work you can then try one of the Data Recovery Programs available.

Though you need to fully understand that if it's vital to recover the data the more that you mess with it the less likely you are to recover the data and the more expensive the Professional Fees are going to be.


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What OS??

by Merlin the Wiz In reply to Portable Hard Drive (Iome ...

What Operating System are you using? If you are using a version of Linux, you should open the System tools and look at the hardware info to make sure the USB drive is mounted.
If you are using a version of Windows you should open Control Panel, Click on System and Hardware Information then click on Device manager then click on the Hard Drives Icon to see if the USB drive appears.
The light indication is an indication the USB drive is receiving power. The light should flash when it is first inserted and when it is being accessed for data. If it does not try it on another computer. If a second computer does not recognize the USB drive, AND the light does not flash the USB drive electronics are bad. Any data you had there is still there, but it is going to be very expensive getting it back.


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