portable hard drives

By dma69593 ·
Hi everyone,
I would like some honest feedback about portable hard drives.
For my database design subject, it was recommended that a portable hard drive (min 40gb) would be needed to store all my work on. I'm not familiar with portable drives and have been looking around but am unsure what to get. I saw one in a catalog for a reasonable price - a maxtor portable 80gb usb hard drive (its black with a small green stripe on the top) and am wondering if it is a fairly reliable and capable storage device.
I would appreciate any opinions.
Thank you,

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portable hard drives reliability

by formerly CallPete.com In reply to portable hard drives

The reliability of a portable hard drive is a lot like the portability of a regular "fixed" hard drive.

1. Keep it cool. Heat kills drives.

2. Don't drop it, especially when its running.

3. Like all electronics, keep it dry.

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There are several things to consider here but the most important

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to portable hard drives

Is the brand of the Drive. Maxtor Dives currently don't have a good reputation and are expected to fail more often than a better HDD.

What is probably the best idea is to buy a USB Enclosure and Fit a HDD to that it generally works out cheaper with better hardware.

However besides Heat/Vibration & Moisture you need to realize that these External HDD's are not for full time use but only for Part Time Use so they work great for Data Backup and the like but will overheat and die much sooner than the same drive would in the NB/Computer.

If you have a NB it's much cheaper to get a 3.5 Inch External Drive with a Mains Adapter but it's no where near as portable as a 2.5 inch drive enclosure is. The main down side of the 2.5 inch drives & Enclosures is that they cost more or at least the HDD's do and they rely on the 5 Volts from the USB Port to power the HDD. This may not be overly stable if there are several USB Devices in use and may shorten the life of the drive. You own Power Supply is much better for this type of enclosure as it relieves the load on the USB Ports.


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by david.wallis In reply to There are several things ...

i live maxtor never had any issue with them other than they are noisy and a bit slower, or atleast used to be :)

Go for a seagate one, they are good and have a 5 year warranty :)

you could also go for something like this


or a mybook drive........all depends on how portable you need to be :) these use desktop drives which are more reliable :)

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