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Portable Media Devices

By s.vaal ·
Why won't the contents of my jump drive show up automatically? I used to just plug it in and a new window would pop us showing the contents. Now it does nothing. Also when I click on the portable media devices, it does not show anything as being connected, but in my device manager the device is there.

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by spidershrek In reply to Portable Media Devices

When you plug in the jumpdrive right click on it and on the properties you can choose
Select and action to perform
-Open Folder to view files
Hope it works

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by s.vaal In reply to Portable Media Devices

It doesn't show up where I can do that. It's like windows cannot assign a drive letter to it.

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by Dr Dij In reply to Portable Media Devices

are you sure the device isn't dead if all else seems to be working? take it to another PC and plug in, see if it shows up to eliminate this possiblitity. despite being solid state they can die.

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by s.vaal In reply to Portable Media Devices

the device works fine in other computers. It also shows up in my device drivers in the hardware section. This also happens when I plug in my ipod.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Portable Media Devices

This is a direct result of one of the MS Security Patches it disables the USB Ports in an attempt to Secure the computer.

If you have a desktop computer this is a very common action and MS answer is to unplug the system for about 3 minutes and then plug it back in and reboot. It works just don't ask my why as I have absolutely no idea.

Of course that also depends on the External Storage Device still working but if it just stopped working after a round of MS Updates the above should fix your problem.


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by s.vaal In reply to Portable Media Devices

Thanks to all of you. I finally got it to work.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Portable Media Devices


What I have found is that if there are mapped network drives using eg drive letter e:, and you plug the stick in Windows assigns it drive e: and you have a clash. Go to control panel, administrative tools, computer managment, disk management and manually assign a different drive letter to the stick.

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