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Portable Power To Desktop PC

By svergara ·
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Every weekend I go to the flea market and always come across people selling used desktops or laptops. Ofcourse there is no way to test them and they always tell me they don't know anything about it, they are just selling it. I have gambled several times and have been lucky so far, but I want a way to be able turn on the desktop. I found a monitor that is powered by 2.0 usb and I plug it right to the vga. I have a usb keyboard mouse combo so that is set. I just need to be able to power the desktop to get it to reach bios, check the specs, and test the operating system. The battery life only needs to be 30 mins at most and I do not want to be carrying around a car battery. Can anyone please help me figure out how to have a small and lightweight battery that can power a standard desktop via powercord outlet??

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That is what we all want

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Portable Power To Desktop ...

But unfortunately it doesn't exist. A long life light weight battery would be great and used in Electric Cars like there was no tomorrow. Of course as it has yet to be developed it doesn't currently exist.

You said 30 minutes which is an eternity when it comes to non-mains power and is currently unreachable given the conditions that you imposed. The only current way to achieve what you want is to carry a small Petrol Generator around that may give you the required 30 minutes as there is currently no battery powered alternative. Even a big Deep Cycle battery used in Electric Wheelchairs would be struggling to reach that time and they are bigger and heaver than a car battery not to mention considerably more expensive.


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