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My organization is about to embark on building out a new infrastructure to serve our millions of members worldwide. We know that some type of portal will be one of the foundational pieces, but I'm concerned about the performance capabilities of the standard enterprise J2EE-type portals. I'm looking for feedback and pointers to information given these rough requirements:

1) Scalable to millions of users. Peak loads are not determined at this point, but we have seen 1500 concurrent requests on our existing system and we expect significant growth with the new, given that we will be consolidating many country web sites with this effort.

2) Provide roll-based "twiddling" of features as granular as the portlet and as fine-grained as a link.

3) Allow varying levels of delegation of control of look and feel. We want some control enforced centrally with some control delegated to country site admins.

4) Allow varying levels of delegation of control of content and applications presented. We want some applications and content presentation to be controlled centrally but allow some customization by country admins.

5) Provide a visual tier for integrating many applications visually (providing consistent styles, controls, etc) for the millions of members.

In some ways, this seems like a strong WCM challenge. In some ways, it seems like a strong portal challenge. In some ways, it seems like a strong application server challenge.

We know we'll be building a good amount of this ourselves. We just want to make sure we are pointing in the right direction.

Feedback on technologies, research, web sites, conferences, dogs-best-friends, what-have-you is greatly appreciated.


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