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    Portfolio Management


    by ahewitt ·

    I am looking for suggestions on a good application for supporting portfolio management. Currently we are using Excel and it is very dificult to keep track of the projects and associated information. We need an application that will allow for submittal of new projects following a template with predetermined questions, review and priortize the projects, track the projects along with associated cost and resource utilization.

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      by ahewitt ·

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      PPM Solutions

      by dheffern ·

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      We are in the process of evaluating software vendors for this very same sort of thing. The ultimate goal is to get a better grasp on our Projects and try to better align with our overall business strategy. Many tools you can look at are:

      , Serena Mariner, Daptiv, ProjectNvision, Innotas and many many more PPM vendors.

      Best of luck.

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      by lambs ·

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      You may want to look at ‘Magic Quadrant for IT Project and Portfolio Management’ by Gartner

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      Enterprise Project Management Software

      by emily01 ·

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      If you really need to manage multiple and bigger projects then consider Microsoft Project Pro, its mainly used in medium to bigger organizations. You can download MS project professional.. trial version or view demo at

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      Watch out for the “perfect Solution”

      by prefbid ii ·

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      As you probably have figured out, there are a lot of PPM vendors on the market. They all do a lot of things — but for the most part they all do a lot of different things. The key to getting the right PPM solution is to make sure that you get one that is closest to what you want to do — AND NOT MUCH Bigger. There are packages out there that will do everything and wash your dishes. The big headache is in learning to use the tools. Features that are going to sit on the shelf are more than just unused features — a lot of time you will have to figure out ways to maintain or get around the features that you either don’t need or don’t know how to take advantage of.

      So, for example, I would NOT recommend using MS Project’s tool unless you are already using MS Project. Trying to use a PPM tool that has the primary tool turned off is asking for trouble.

      Your description sounds like you are looking for something simple. That’s great — aim for a simple tool. If you are in the corporate world, the hard part will be to keep the “just one more feature” people off of the request list.

      I speak from experience. I once tried to get a PPM tool to do some simple tracking and prioritizing. Fortunately I was allowed to purchase a “temporary” solution for about $11K while the “experts” figured out an enterprise solution. Result: my mini-system wasup and running in 2 months. The enterprise solution was “rolled out” 3 years later and failed miserably because it was so complex and far more than what the company could handle.

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