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Porting to Linux

By SpikeyMike ·
Hi! I would like to port my application stack to Linux. I have already moved my database server to Linux, but am still running windows clients. My application is developed using Powerbuilder. I guess my question is, what is a good RAD tool for developing a C/S app on Linux? Cross platform is NOT a concern. Thanks for replies!

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by Jaqui In reply to Porting to Linux

works with the qt widget set, has support for most languages, has support for web apps.
commercial version is k studio, kdevelop is focussed on gnu-gpl projects.

glade, gtk-gdk ui designer, perl, c, c++ support, if to install the optional bindings like gktmm [ c++ support ]

mose linux development is done with emacs, vi[m] or other text processing tools, and only the user interface is done in tools like glade and kdevelop.

I would install kdevelop and look at if it meets your needs, as it has the better support in number of languages.

QTDesigner is integrated with kdevelop almost completely in newer versions, but it's a c++ only tool.

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by SpikeyMike In reply to

Jaqui - Thanks for the information - but C/C++ aren't RAD tools. Coming from a PowerBuilder environment, Kylix would be more my style - but I see that Borland has dropped it. Is there anything else out there for RAD Client/Server development? Hopefully something that is data-centric? Thanks!

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by Jaqui In reply to Porting to Linux

very few programming tools in linux are a drag and drop tools.
QTDesigner is closest, and is strictly c++
glade also has some support for it.
kdevelop with the gnomedb tools adds the networking for db applications.

there is ibm's websphere tools and the eclipse framework for rapid java client server tools.

runtime revolution might suit, but then again it's a c/c++ tool.

kylix is still available, but requires the toolchain of the 2.4 kernels to run, and every distro has gone to the 2.6 kernels, with plans to move to the 2.8 kernels soon. [ the 2.x where x is an odd number is the development version of the kernel not the stable version ]

a ms style rad environment doesn't exist in any linux development tool that I have seen, other than kylix, which isn't being produced any more.

if you do want kylix:

the open edition is free, and will allow you to port your inhouse products using it.

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by SpikeyMike In reply to

Thanks for your candid response! I will wait patiently on the sidelines, hoping that a major software house finally "gets it" and produces a version of their RAD tool for Linux. Until then, there is always WINE! Thanks! -Mike

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by SpikeyMike In reply to Porting to Linux

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