Portion of my harddrive is now unrecognised!!

By urban_landuse ·
Hey, I attempted to attach a harddrive of my main pc onto a raid system of another(of which i have very very litte experiance but i was being stupid and adventurous) it didnt work but i have now reattached the harddrive into the main pc and during the boot sequence it came up with "no operating system installed on this drive" i tried many things and ended up installing an operating system on the part of the harddrive it does recognise. It all went smoothly but as it load it up it only recognised 290gigs of space in the hardrive... this, i guess, means all my data is gone.
I still have hope because as i load the computer up it gives me the option of 1."microsoft windowns xp proffesional"
2."unidentified operating system on drive c"
the harddrive is a 7200rpm 360gig sata.
I would really appriciate help, im stuck!
thanks everyone.

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sounds like

by jck In reply to Portion of my harddrive i ...

There's either a hidden/unrecognized format partition of some kind there done by something...assumably the RAID setup.

That unidentified OS is maybe a recovery partition, or parity data setup by the RAID.

If you can't get rid of it with Windows, try putting it back in the RAID machine and use the RAID tool to delete it.

If that doesn't work, I'm not sure why it's there unless it's an alternate, self-booting recovery partition.

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