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I had to crash my desktop computer. Since that time I have re-installed all the software without any problems. The only thing it is giving me any problems with is trying to install any outside equipment. It won't let me install my printer or my scanner. Both of them have CD's. The scanner will go through the entire process, but not be operable and doesn't specify the problem. The printer will not go through entire installation it says "can read the port not read properly" I have purchased different USB port and tried that with it, but still can't get it to complete the installation. Since that time I have installed both on my laptop because I need these for college, but would rather have them on my desktop. Any advice?

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Both devices using USB ports?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Ports

Does the scanner also connect through USB?

Have you checked from the BIOS that USB support is enabled?

Did you re-install the operating system from a Windows installation CD or from an installation or recovery CD provided by the PC manufacturer?

If you installed Windows on your desktop computer from a Windows CD, did you install the motherboard drivers from the motherboard support CD? If you do not have the support CD, you can download the motherboard drivers from the manufacturer's website, or from the manufacturer of the motherboard, if your computer is not a brand name PC.

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Yes the scanner also connect through USB.

by grefan207 In reply to Both devices using USB po ...

No, I didn't check the BIOS supports the USB, but I'm don't know how either. Yes, I re-installed Windows from CD provided by the manufacturer, but I didn't touch the motherboard.
If I go the the Compaq website for the motherboard what would it be called there?

I've tried all 4 exteral ports and it didn't work, but I could install them both on my laptop.

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How to check BIOS settings

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Yes the scanner also conn ...

After you have powered on the computer, press F10 a few times and you should see the text "Entering Setup" or similar, and the blue and white screen with the BIOS options and the instructions how to exit and save the settings, or exit without saving the settings.

The option for BIOS support can probably be found behind a menu selection 'Advanced BIOS Settings' or similar. If the BIOS support has been off, there is no way your USB port would have worked.

If the USB support has been disabled, Windows will install the drivers automatically after you have logged in, assuming that your installation CD from Compaq contained the motherboard/chipset specific drivers.

From Compaq's or rather HP's website you need to locate the specific model of the PC. Their US website has Support & Drivers at

I just realised that HP recommends a procedure "Application Recovery Process" for re-installing the original drivers, which do not seem to be available from the website, at least not for the HP model I checked:

"Use the HP or Compaq application recovery process to install drivers and software as follows:

1. Click Start, Programs, HP Tools or PC Help and Tools, and then click HP Application Recovery.

2. In Windows XP, select either Driver Installation or Application Installation and click Next.

3. Select the driver or name of software you wish to reinstall and click Install or OK.

4. Read and respond to any installation Windows that might appear."

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by grefan207 In reply to How to check BIOS setting ...

I tried your suggestion and ran into this. When I hit the F10 and got into the set up I found menu selection, but there wasn't one that had BIOS. I checked each tab. Therefore, I started to look for any that had I/O, ports, or printers to see if they were on. There was one marked I/O APIC Mode disabled. I changed that to enable. That didn't do anything, because I tried to enter the printer again and nothing, no ports was the repsonse again. I did notice this, but didn't know what it meant. under printer mode list it had EPP& ECP, what does that mean and is that right?

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your laptop problem

by jeryba In reply to Ports

hi '
i think you have som hardware problem with your laptop
you shood chak it

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by grefan207 In reply to your laptop problem

That was what I was thinking too, but if I take the sytem unit apart, I'm not really sure what to be looking for.

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Ports

Like Toivo, I'm inclined to think this might be a USB controller problem. Have you checked Device manager to see if there are any existing hardware issues? Do you see an exclimation point next to any devices, especially anything related to the motherboard? If so, you will need to install the correct drivers to make your ports work.

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by grefan207 In reply to Question

I have to think that you two are right. I wasn't sure about a hardware issue, so I did as you said and this is what I found. There is a "?" next to Other Devices and a "?" with an "!" on top of Universal Serial Bus (USB)Controller.

I'm not sure what to do, "to install the correct drivers to make the ports work"

It seems like I learn more everyday with problems. Any help would be appreciated.

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See my earlier reply

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Checked

...about how to check the BIOS settings, enable USB support in BIOS, and how to re-install the drivers, if necessary.

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Chipset Drivers

by willcomp In reply to Ports

Apparently you did not install motherboard chipset drivers after re-installing XP. That's the first thing you need to do after installing the OS.

Install chipset drivers. If you need help with drivers, post make and model of motherboard.

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