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    Ports on printer configuration on Windows XP disappeared!


    by eadames ·

    If anyone has found a solutions for this kind of problem I will appreciate your help on this. I have a Windows XP based PC that from time to time when you try to print something it doesnt and if you take a look at the printer configuration you see that the list of ports are disappeared, and you give the machine a RESTART to see if that solves the problem but it still remains hidding the ports on the printer configuration. I have scanned the machine for virus, spywares and haven’t found none, have updated Windows XP via internet and nothing. If someone has have this problem and found a solution I will appreciate if can share it with me. Thanks.

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      by eadames ·

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      See if this works

      by rob miners ·

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      Step 1
      Disconnect the printer from the PC

      Step 2
      Go to the Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs. Highlight any Printer Software that is listed here. Select Remove.

      Step 3
      From the Control Panel, click on Printers & Faxes. Right click the printer in question and select Delete

      Step 4
      Look at the Toolbar. Select File, then Server Properties. Look in the Drivers tab. Highlight the printers drivers listed here and click on Remove for each one.

      Step 5
      Reboot the PC. Do NOT reconnect the printer!

      Step 6
      Go to the website of your printer manufacturer. Look for new XP drivers for your model. Download the correct software.

      Step 7
      Run the exe file you just downloaded. It should auto-start the installation program

      Step 8
      The software will tell you when to connect the printer.

      Step 9
      Once the software is installed and the printer connected, try a test page.

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