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    POS/CRM Solution for Small Business


    by eccwllc ·

    I’ve been trying to find a solution for managing customers/tickets/point of sale for my small business for what seems like years. I’ve been in business for almost 10 years, have employees etc and have just been using a simple POS solution the entire time ( Microbiz ). I’m looking to change to something a little more powerful and designed for my type of business but have found nothing that suits me….yet. I’m at the point of considering having something custom written or at least modified but i just can’t believe with all the computer repair companies out there that are just like mine that there isn’t some existing software readily available. What am i missing?

    The closest i’ve come to purchasing/using is TigerPaw – i was satisfied with what they had to offer until it came to POS functionality – we do a lot of face to face transactions for customers who drop off their computers at our location and it just couldn’t handle that. We also do on-site service for businesses and residential customers so it needs to track that, and it would be nice if it would handle service contracts and managed services.

    TL:DR – what does your IT business use for managing customers, work orders, etc.

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      by eccwllc ·

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      Oracle Siebel CRMoD…

      by md_hashim ·

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      … with license costs that they speak about should be worth a try. Given the fact that POS, Billing etc integrate easily, and CPG experts like ITC implement it for you, you should be able to make your ROI soon 🙂

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      Suggestion IMHO

      by richardvavra ·

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      For CRM, PIM and job tracking we use Latitude business management software. We find it organized and faster than other software we have tried, plus it can do timesheets, invoices, quotes and reports.

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