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By mindilator ·
I work for a large, privately owned mortgage company. I've announced my intention to my bosses to move out of state within a year, and though they don't want me to go, they are supportive of my decision to move back to my hometown. At the same time, my boss was recently promoted to VP of Branch Operations, effectively moving him out of the IT Dept and into broader roles. Aside from him, there's me, and a network tech. They wanted to give me the position of IT Manager but in light of my intentions to move they've decided not to do that, and instead blend the IT into the other support department. I know this sounds weird to a lot of you but in this situation even I don't think it's unreasonable given the similarity in duties. The issue now is that they still want to give me a better title than Web Developer, so that I can put that on my resume when I search for a job back home. They want to give me a title that implies my leadership roles but doesn't explicitly put me on a manager level, so no terms like Director. Some terms we've tossed around are supervisor, senior, lead, such as Creative Lead, or Lead Developer. What are some suggestions you have for a kickass title that shows I've asserted leadership but doesn't make me have to wear a suit on Mondays and attend the corporate meetings? :)

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by ericl_w19 In reply to Position Title

yea but if your job title changes and a employer asks how long you were doing work under this title what are you going to say 1 day?

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still a ways out

by mindilator In reply to

I've already promised a 2 month notice for my separation, I expect to be out in my new home in roughly six months. Regardless, my manager has already told me he's willing to give me whatever recommendation I need. The whole company really doesn't want me to go. Especially the same 8 out 800 employees that call tech support. To be honest, they're not getting a manager to replace me because they don't think they can replace me. There's been talk of hiring a power user for basic stuff and tech support, and contracting out the development. Soo, that being said, anyone in the San Diego area willing to hire an IT Supervisor/Creative Lead/Senior Web Developer with a degree in web multimedia and combined 5 years of experience? Mad Scientist would be great if it wasn't a little too broad...I'm trying not to end up on tech support again. =)

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My favorite title

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Position Title

Had a boss that once referred to me as a Mad Scientist. Always wanted that title on my business cards...

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