Positive and Negative CD's

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Hi there, I burned a CD a few days ago to find out that won't play in my car's cd player, I have an old car...., but the cd player does play "original" cd's, the ones bought in stores, then someone told me I could be able to play my burned CD's depending on my choice of cd... positive or negative, so there... I went to walmart and they thought I was speaking Cantonese, but one guy there said he has heard of that before but wasn't sure.

Does anyone in this forum knows what is a "positive" and a "negative" cd's and how to spot them?, and if its true they can be played on an old cd player?.

Thank you so much =)


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Never seen this with CD's but defiantly with DVD's

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Positive and Negative CD' ...

There are 2 types of DVD and - R.

With CD there are different Dye Types which is what I'm assuming was meant but because the person had dealt with DVD they thought that CD's where the same. They are not though there are several different CD types like CDR, CDRW and so on. With CD's the main thing which stops a Player playing a Burnt CD is the color of the Dye on the Data Face.

The first Recordable CD had Gold Data Faces which then latter changed to several different hues of Blue and the finial ones are a Silver Color. Many of the older CD Players will not read the new Blanks once you have recorded them simply because the Dye Layer doesn't work correctly with the Color of the Laser Beams in some of the older CD Players.

When this happens it's quite common to have to hunt around for different makers CD Blanks till you find one that will work with a Particular Player. What makes things worse is that some of the older Players didn't play all Formats of CD and some of the very early ones did not play any CDR Format at all so unless you know the Make & Model of the CD Player and can look up what Format CD's it will play it's simply a matter of trial and error. Meaning you keep trying different Brands and Formats till you either find one that works or you exhaust all current suppliers finding none that work with that particular player.

For example the Original Kodak SCSI CD Burners that where available would burn Kodak Disc's perfectly and play them without issue but if you tried a different makers Blank when they became available they didn't work Those Old SCSI Burners would only work with their makers Blanks and no others. Of course they still played Manufactured CD's but they where a very expensive and otherwise useless Burner.


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