Possible broken NIC port

By BrianBooher ·
I am in need of any and all ideas of troubleshooting a Broadcom 4400 10/100 integrated controller NIC card. It is on a Windows XP Pro laptop

When I plug in the network cord, none of the lights come up telling of a connection. I know the network cord is working since I have tried it on another machine and it can make a connection.

I have also disabled and re-enabled the network port.

I have checked the leads in the port and none of them look broken.

I want to say that the port is broken internally, but I want to check with everyone on here to see if there is any other way to troubleshoot the problem before I declared it officially broken.


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Check in bios to see if it's disabled

by robo_dev In reply to Possible broken NIC port

Reset the bios

run the manufacturer diags for the PC to see if the nic passes diags.

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A couple of things to try

by Jacky Howe In reply to Possible broken NIC port

Have you tried updateing the drivers.

Insert your flylead and connect it to what ever you are trying to connect to.
Are you using a static IP or DHCP. Check the settings.

Start Run type in cmd and click OK at the prompt, type in ipconfig /all and see what you have.

Start Help and Support, Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems. In the left hand pane

click on Network Diagnostics.

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Can you ping the NIC

by L-Mo In reply to Possible broken NIC port

Have you tried to ping the loopback?

Is the NIC enabled?

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performed tests

by BrianBooher In reply to Possible broken NIC port

The story behind this is that the user was using the laptop and the port just died, it just does not detect a network connection.

I have checked the BIOS, it was enabled and I disabled and the re-enabled it. That did nothing.

I did a local ping and it did respond.

I tried to update the drivers, but the Dell website has the older drivers.

If anyone else has any other ideas, pass them along please.

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Download a LINUX Distro CD, and boot from it.....

by robo_dev In reply to performed tests

if Linux cannot detect the ethernet port, then it surely is broken.

The above suggestion is somewhat extreme. It sounds to be like the nic is dead.

If you cannot get a link light under any conditions, that sounds like a hardware problem to me.

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