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Possible MB Issue?

By dave.osborne ·
When power switched on:

Lights and Fans turn on; CPU and video card lights turn on; CD, DVD, floppy, and HD spin up (but it doesn?t appear to read the HD); the NO SIGNAL box on monitor flickers, but does not do anything.

Things tried:

Reboot (obviously)
Tried a different monitor
Tried a different video card
Pull and reseeded both RAM chips (512 each)
Tried each RAM chip one at a time
Removed power and CMOS battery overnight and then put it back in
Tested battery, found that it was bad, and replaced.
Reset CMOS with motherboard jumper.

Case contents:

Asus A7N8X Deluxe MB
Antek 420W PS
AMD XP 2700+
2 X 512MB RAM
AGP 8x 256 MB Video Card

Any other ideas beside what has already been tried? Still looking for a PCI video card to test if AGP port is bad. But, should still get POST beeps if something was wrong. Points for answers that lead to fix or cause of problem.

Thanks, Dave

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by LMon In reply to Possible MB Issue?

Try another IDE cable or another hard drive if you have one. If the mb comes with a built in video card remove the agp card and try the onboard video card to see if it makes a difference.

Or vice versa pull the hd out and the agp video card and use it on a known working pc.

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by dave.osborne In reply to

HD (SATA not IDE) is still functional and can be placed in another system to see the data. Another SATA cable has been tried along with other SATA connector on MB. MB doens't have build in video. AGP card has been tested in other computer.

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by gralfus In reply to Possible MB Issue?

Has it ever worked?
What changed since the last time it worked?

I have seen a lot of systems that won't post due to an extra standoff shorting the board to the case. An easy way to test this is to take the mobo out of the case and rest it on cardboard and see if it will boot up outside the case. If it works, try putting electrical tape over the standoffs, or using non-conductive washers.

Take the memory out and see if it will give a POST beep error (either one long beep or 8 short beeps that loop). Be sure the speaker is plugged in or use headphones.

CPU fan is properly attached to CPU and there is a small amount of conductive paste between them. A system will shut down fast if the CPU overheats.

This board is also picky about the kind of memory. It likes high quality brand name memory.

I also had an Asus board that wouldn't post due to a bad power supply. It spun up the fans occasionally and turned on the LEDs, but it was bad (and it was a name brand Antec!).

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by dave.osborne In reply to

On the right track with the CPU. The CPU has crapped out. Stuck in a Socket A Mobile Athlon 4 1400+, and it boots up just fine. Since needing a new CPU, I'm just going upgrade to XP 2800+.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Possible MB Issue?

I take it you have nothing on the monitor at all. Try a single RAM chip in the correct slot. If that doesn't work try the other chip. I have a Tyan Tiger 133 that was supposed to support 3 @ 512MB in slots 1,2,3 of the four slots. It only reads two of them in slot 1 and 3, slot two apparently is bad.

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by dave.osborne In reply to

Monitor has "no signal ... check cables ... blah blah blah" on it. Both RAM chips have been tried one at a time in all 3 slots.

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by dave.osborne In reply to Possible MB Issue?

Well, I had a detailed post, but it got "lost" by IE.

Anyway, short version ... been up and running since last June.

With all RAM out, still no POST beeps, will try headphones.

CPU fan is connected properly (with paste) and working. Even if not, I've seen CPUs with no cooling (not even passive) still get into windows and work for several minutes (p4 1.8 GHz as example)

RAM could be issue, but it should have shown up before now ... ddr333 not ddr400.

Will try another PS and let you know.

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by dave.osborne In reply to Possible MB Issue?

PS Antec 450
Micron DDR 333MHz 512MB PC2700

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by hawgfan In reply to Possible MB Issue?

You are exactly right looking for PCI vga card. Keep looking. Try with only 1 stick of RAM, then with the other stick to eliminate a bad one. Unplug EVERYTHING from mobo except RAM, PS, VGA, front power switch. If still no boot beg, borrow, steal, or whatever a PCI VGA card.

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by dave.osborne In reply to

Turned out to be a bad CPU.

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