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Possible move to Tucson, AZ

By RFink ·
When my contract expires I'm thinking of moving to Tucson. How's the IT job market down there?

My main area of experience is Windows adminstration.

Thanks for any info.

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Why Tucson?

by RFink In reply to looking at some of the on ...

Tucson has the following going for it.

1. I heard that the job market is booming down there. (Multiple sources)

2. My wife and I wanted to move some place warm, now that her father passed on we have no ties to MI.

3. My wife lived there for 18 months and loves the area.

4. The cost of living is about the same as Michigan.

5. We both want to learn Spanish

P.S. I registered for the Tucson Citizen yesterday. Thanks for the suggetion.

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Don't forget craigslist

by NickNielsen In reply to Possible move to Tucson, ...
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Thank you

by RFink In reply to Don't forget craigslist

I never thought of using Craigslist for job hunting.

I found a couple of nibbles.

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You can find almost anything on craigslist

by NickNielsen In reply to Thank you

Look under Personals | Casual Encounters sometime, if only for laughs!

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I love it

by IC-IT In reply to Possible move to Tucson, ...

The job market is not doing as well now as a year ago, however the IT demand is staying healthy.
Home prices have taken a nice adjustment (for buyers).
Many transplanted Mi. folks here.
Here is a link to one of the larger employers.

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Thanks for the tip

by RFink In reply to I love it

My contract doesn't expire until Oct. I'm looking to get a feel for the area.

My goal is to be in Tucson by Thanksgiving!
:) :)

No more Michigan winters.

BTW Is "valley fever" as bad as they say it is?

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Not really

by IC-IT In reply to Thanks for the tip

Occasionally you will hear of a human instances. It is not infrequent in animals especially dogs.
Tucson will certainly not as large as Phoenix, now has a million people in the immediate area. Somehow we still maintain that town type atmosphere though.

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Lived in Phoenix

by Tig2 In reply to Possible move to Tucson, ...

Phoenix is good if you can take the heat. Tucson is much
smaller and you still need to be able to take the heat.

I hear that there is a lot of gov't contract down there and
in New Mexico.

Good news- No tornados or lake effect weather. Bad
news- Monsoons, dust storms, rattle snakes, and geckos
that like to move in with you. Get a cat.

I moved to the Midwest from Phoenix.

Edited because what I thought I typed was not the same
as what I posted.

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But it's a dry heat. :)

by RFink In reply to Lived in Phoenix

I like it warm. I'll miss the tornadoes. I used to be a skywarn spotter.

I once saw a strip mail destroyed right before my eyes.


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