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By Sandman28 ·
Howdy guys,

Didnt know to put this as a question or a discussion but oh well.

I am considering gettting a new pc and after spending many hours wading through the massive amount of info about possible configurations I though I would ask you guys what your two-cents were.

First off, I use my computer for games (newest games), Ms Office and Internet browsing/msn. However seeing as I currently have only a 8500GT and we are getting a new HD-Plasma I wanted to upgrade my cpu and video card.

Now I have sorta got 4 choices in my head about what to get,

1)Nvidia mobo (intel quad) with single 9800GTX/GX2 (looking for top of the line card)
2)Nvidia mobo (intel quad) with two 9800GTX/GX2 (possibly looking for top of the line or mid-level cards) in Sli
3)Mobo (AMD Pheonom)with single top of the line ATI card (probably 2xGPU)
4)Spider platform (AMD Pheonom) and two mid/top level cards in crossfire, (was I correct in reading that you cannot use the four slots on the mobo for 4x 2-GPu cards in crossfire?)

Now the problem is not the spending of money as I have saved for this comp, but more whether the increase in performance is worth the money as I have often found that it usually costs so much more for just a little bit more performance. I want to acheive a system that gives the most bang for its buck and will last a few years.

After looking through the forums and stuff online I personally canot determine if there is that much of a need to run 2x 2GPU cards, whether the performance justifies the massive cost instead of running one 2xGPU or even just two single-GPU cards.

So, what are your two cents (without resorting to fan wars, eg Intel v Amd and such )

Cheers Sandman28

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