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Possible Symantic Conflict

By ChipMicro ·
We have 2 PC's of differing ages, both of which have no histories of trouble. Both run Windows 2000 Professional. We applied all critical updates, then installed Symantic 9 (we previously were using the most recent iteration of Symantic . Both started getting SCSI IRQ error messages and failed to boot.

When trying to boot up, they flag the drive as needing to have its consistency checked, then boot up until the IRQ message again. To try to get around this we booted into safe mode, then back fully.

Finally I just turned mine on and left it in the auto reboot cycle, and it finally worked properly. We tried the same 'wait and see' technique on the other one and it booted as well. Removing Symantic 9 seems to fix this, yet our official tech guys are calling it a HD controller issue. Has anyone else seen this?


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by Bratt In reply to Possible Symantic Conflic ...

They should try using PC Certify Professional to scan the system. It helps troubleshoot hardware and software. The following link will take you to the info page of the product. Be sure and remove any spaces in the link. I have this and it works great. When in doubt test it out.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Possible Symantic Conflic ...

well, it does sound like hd problem except for the pretty big coincidences of both systems affected after upgrade plus the kicker of problem fixed after removing update. those guys should bring you a danish for brushing you off. i am thinking you have been to symantec website about this? for patch? maybe you are seeing error something about irq not less than or equal? maybe misleading you. please post exact error at length. try to trash test system for test if possible. install 8. see it good. install 9. see it bad. does pressing spacebar to return to last know good config fix it? or only uninstalling?. i would call symantec for this one.

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by hakoracle In reply to Possible Symantic Conflic ...

kindly update HAL with software updates from ms site...

2nd try install latest version of scsi drivers

3rd plz disable symantec extra util sweep etc

plz verify scsi using which irq and is there any lan/pci card in slot using same swap card to 2nd /3rd /4th slot to remove this confict

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