Possible to move print jobs between Windows network printers?

By CharlieSpencer ·
Does anyone know a way to move an existing job from one Windows network printer to another?

Apparently some SAP applications are "hard coded" to output to specific printers, at least as implemented by our SAP contractor. If one of those printers is down, I don't know of a way to move the queued print job to another network printer.

If necessary I'll investigate third-party printer utilities, but obviously I'd prefer to do it within standard Windows. Our print server is running Windows 2000 SP4.


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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Possible to move print jo ...

I found a utility at

While they do have a fee-based version of this app, the free version will allow you to move jobs between print queues, even between servers.

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Yes, you can move print jobs between network printers!

by tlampros In reply to Possible to move print jo ...

I was able to change the settings of the original printer to those of the default printer. First, I added a printer from the Control Panel/Printers tab using the autofind for Network printers. I think this created a TCP/IP address. Using the Printer/Properties/Advanced tab, I changed the driver to the same one as the default printer (an HP C6100 wireless). Then, using the Printer/Properties/Port tab, changed the port to the unused TCP/IP address and the jobs startedd printing immediately.
Good luck!

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SAP moving print jobs

by ihcc2uni In reply to Possible to move print jo ...

I am new to Tech Republic, but I have the same scenario with SAP hard coded printers. All print jobs go to Printer "A" but i wan't some to go to printer "B", is there a way to do this? Or did you find a work around? Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Why not just change the printer's IP?

by JPElectron In reply to Possible to move print jo ...

When printer 1 is down, why not just change the IP of a working printer, to be the IP that printer 1 had?

If this was a high-stakes environment, you would actually have a second printer standing by, with the same IP, but turned off - so when printer 1 fails, you just turn on the one next to it and it works! You can even do this remotely from your desk with a remote reboot or Ethernet PDU type device, plug each printer into it and power-cycle each outlet remotely :)

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