Possible to Send and Receive Multicast through Virtual Loopback adapter?

By nogov ·
Hello All,

I've done some pretty serious searching over the last few days and can't find much on this topic, probably because it isn't possible, but perhaps the Tech Republic's hive mind can guide me:

Short story: I cannot see a multicast that is being sent out get "looped back" by the loopback adapter.

I have a laptop with a Microsoft Virtual LoopBack Adapter installed and configured for: - IP - Subnet - Gateway

On this laptop I have a dev's software that is putting out a udp multicast video stream on, which is captured by the demo software to simulate a live stream coming in from a live network. When connected to the general network everything works great and you can get to the multicast and view the stream. Yet when I try to capture the multicast with wireshark after enabling the loopback adapter (and disabling the physical NIC) I can see that the multicast simply isn't there. Is what I'm trying to do possible without a router to create the multicast group for the laptop to join? Is there something simple my Dev may need to change in his software to trick the network stack to loopback the multicast?

I hope I've provided enough information. The only possible solution I can find is to install some sort of router emulation software (i.e. GNS3) but I'm delving even deeper over my head than I already am if that is the case. Thanks!

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For starters is this just a Wireshark issue?

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by nogov In reply to For starters is this just ...

Nope, wireshark itself works and is configured correctly, I'm just monitoring the incoming packets for my multicast and when connected to the network I can see the multicast but when on the loopback it doesn't appear anymore. I've started to delve into the idea of emulating a router, either with vmware or with GNS3 if I can tie it to the virtual loopback adapter. Hopefully someone knows of a less kludge-y solution.

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