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Possible worm email from tech member!

By boohbear ·
I would like to inform fellow techrepublic members that I received an email from with the subject Re: ...
The only word in the body of the message was "predator". There was an attachment which I did not open. I proceeded to forward the email to tech support because I was suspicious of the content of the attachment and then I deleted the email from my computer. I received a mailerdaemon response of the following "Remote host said: 550 5.7.1 Worm.Bagle.AF.2 detected by ClamAV -". After some searching I was able to track down the email to a member on this site. I would just like to inform other members of this incident in case others receive an email from this person. Here is a link to a post from this member -
I'm not sure if this was malicious intent or what, but I was to say the least highly agitated. Has anyone else received any email like this and are there any thoughts about this incident?
Thank you,
Theresa P.

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by boohbear In reply to Possible worm email from ...

I need to correct the email given. It was
Sorry for the mistake.
Theresa P.

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by joematus In reply to Possible worm email from ...

All these Bagle/Bagel worms forge the "From:" address. Without looking at the full email headers, you can't tell where the email really came from.

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by boohbear In reply to Possible worm email from ...

The email address is written as and I just checked my email, and it is in my inbox again. I also checked the full header.

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to Possible worm email from ...

I've gotten a few like this from other members and some that have been returned saying that I've sent some. Many of the newer viruses are spoofing the "from" names from other peoples address book. Best advice is the old "If your unsure of the user or content... Delete"


ps.. somebody here once warned about using email addresses as our screen names. It's a good source of names to use to delibratly spoof addresses.

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by boohbear In reply to Possible worm email from ...

I delete anything that I don't know the content of or source. I have gone ahead and blocked this "user" from sending any more emails. Hopefully the culprit won't "borrow" anyone else's email address to send malicious emails.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Possible worm email from ...

Actually the name of this forum is TechRepublic and this is where the people that need answers, possibly this person, come to get them from those that can give them freely.
You would be surprised how many people actually have viruses and do not realize it.
We remain here to help those people rid themselves of this filth as well as Scumware that is so rampant these days.
As far as Bagel goes it pilfers addresses and has it's own SMTP Engine to send itself out again as anyone in the address book or even someone that vaguely resembles an entry in your address book. We got hit by over 500 attempts at infecting us with then new Bagel today (ai).
When will it ever end?

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by OTL In reply to Possible worm email from ...

Thank you !

Answers have provided reasons not to upgrade to Outlook mail or higher version of windows. Have seen several viruses (version of software was not targeted, thus able to "look" at how virus was programed). Very interesting that it looks for an Outlook address book to find e-mail addresses to send too(no address book, it does not propogate).

Just checked out peer directory, looks like this could be malicious. Name alone looks suspicious.

Key Note: Keep anti-virus up-to-date.

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by wlbowers In reply to Possible worm email from ...

My wife and me get them all of the time telling us "Your email to so an so was infected " Ect. The only problem is that my wife and me use Mac's.

The pathetic morons that write those things use a spoofer.

It could be coming from a infected computer that has your email address on it.

They have figured a way to bomb email servers and they actually propigate the email to their client list using one as the From address

The chances that email came from that person are probably a 1000 to 1.

Update your antivirus EVERY DAY. Delete emails you didn't ask for and from unknowns.

Keep a good backup or restore disk updated.

Good Luck Lee

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