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    Potential carreers


    by eric forward ·

    I’m in full time education at the moment. I’ll be joining the job market in 2-3 years and am looking for advice on what avenues are best to pursue to ensure I have the right skills. Any information would be appreciated.

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      by duskos ·

      In reply to Potential carreers

      Avenues are wide and many.
      The answer is “It depends”.
      You may choose career doing development job. Visual Basic is fine, web development is cool, C++ is aristocracy.
      You may choose some engineering. You may choose networking infrastructure (Cisco, routers, ATM etc)
      You may choose security (firewalls, certificates, smartcards, VPN, Proxies).
      You may choose operating systems (Unix, BSD, Linux, Win 2000).
      You may chose messaging (Exchange 2000).

      Good luck.

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