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does anyone have a program or something that would scan in my computer to tell me how much power it is using at a given time?

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None that I'm aware of

by OH Smeg In reply to power

The only way to do this Reliably & Accurately is to place a Power Meter between the Computer and the Mains Socket that the computer is plugged into. Then measure the amount of power that is being consumed.

This will be an accurate measurement but it can not exceed the Power Rating of the Power Supply in the computer so if it is 200 W Power Supply you will be using up to 200 W per Hour so it would take a absolute minimum of 5 hours to use 1 Kilowatt which is the measuring unit that you are charged for Electricity on. Naturally if you have a 1000 W Power Supply that can consume 1 KW per hour and so on.

There however may be a Computer Controlled Power Meter that can be fitted between the computer and Mains and use the Computer to measure the power but I would think something like that would be extremely expensive not to mention cumbersome.


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