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    Power Apps suggestions for first timer


    by BAng130881 ·

    First off, we want to create a ‘bar code scanned to excel’ system for lunch tickets for employees. Problem is the used printed tickets and people misplace or lost them often or they misuse. So what we will do is to 1) get each dept to produce bar codes and give to staff 2) somebody scan them into excel and 3) I will create a power app canvas app to display some meaningful info for management to record and view.

    Difficulty is because this is my first time, so I’m at a blockade as to how to make a meaningful UI, what to display, what are the interactive controls etc. Can you guys help me brainstorm? Thanks in advance and a lot of that.

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      Re: first timer

      by kees_b ·

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      If this is your first ever programming experiment, consider outsourcing it.

      If you are an experienced developer in other environments, just not in Power Apps, it’s different, but seeing your questions, I don’t think it’s the case.

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