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Power but nothing on the monitor and monitor shows amber light instead of green light like normal.

By ctmoneytree ·
I have a Gateway desktop PC that when powered on, won't display anything on the monitor and the monitor shows amber light instead of green light...I have switched video cards and power supplys, but still the light on the monitor is amber but it works perfectly connected to another PC...Can anyone tell me what might be wrong??? I think maybe the processor or the motherboard might be blown or messed up and need to be replaced??? just need to know how to test the motherboard and CPU to see if it's one of them...

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by mjd420nova In reply to Power but nothing on the ...

If you've already swapped the video card and power supply, the other cause is the mother-
board. If the power supply is okay, the Hard
drive should be heard spinning up. The first
thing should be the video booting, showing a
video bios, then a beep and the CPU bios loads
on the screen, counts memory and checks the
keyboard by flashing the lights. If it doesn't
beep at all, it's possibly a memory card that needs to be reseated or replaced.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Power but nothing on the ...

There are some reasons for no video signal.
1. Bad video card, or video card moved and no connection to motherboard. Try to press firmly the video card into motherboard.
2. The motherboard don?t let the boot procedure to begin. The reason may be malfunction of cooling fan, or power problem. The power is on but maybe the VA not enough for normal function of the computer.
3. Malfunction of some other piece like memory, other PCI card and so on.

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by mathisona In reply to Power but nothing on the ...

I would try to reseat the memory first. Just take the memory card out and push it back in. If that does not do it, try a different PCI slot for your video card.

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Gateway beeping ..... Wouldn't Power Up

by brenda4444 In reply to

I had beeping and no monitor/no power up. Reseated memory card and THAT'S ALL IT WAS!! Thanks!!

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Power but nothing on the ...

Might be that your hard drve and CDrom are both set to masters cahnge your cd rom to a slave. IF your using or have IDE connections this is important unless yuo use to diffrent IDE cables for both devises, not to sure about SATA it depends on your mother board, if your PC is still under warrenty take it to the store.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Power but nothing on the ...


More info is needed, like
does the cpu fan run?
Any lights on the front of the PC, do they stay on or just briefly blink?

With the cover off, check the capacitors around the cpu on the mobo. Bulging, keaking or can partly blown off means a new mobo, unless you have very good soldering skills. See discussion on bad caps

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by Colonel K In reply to Power but nothing on the ...

I had exactly the same problem after I upgraded the HDD on a Gateway PC. The PC failed to boot when powered up. I did all the usual and checked the board, power supply, video card and RAM. The PC still failed to boot when I put the original HDD back in. After about 3 days I was ready to dump the PC. Finally I fixed it - the PC failed to boot because it was connected to a KVM. Unplugged the KVM and connected a keyboard, mouse and monitor and the PC booted up fine, even with the new HDD.
I am still not sure why, and I have never had happen on any other PC before or after.

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by nash984954 In reply to Power but nothing on the ...

Sounds like you're locked in Standby mode. Change your power settings after you procure another monitor to test.

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by NoGeekHere In reply to Power but nothing on the ...

Can we assume you have tried changing the monitor's cable? Or you have tried a different monitor with this computer or this monitor on a differnet computer? If not, that would be the first place to start.

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by stepmonster In reply to Power but nothing on the ...

If you have a digital + analog monitor, there is a button with square with an arrow going through it on your monitor. That button implies "switch me from digital to analog" or visaversa. With the computer powered up, Press it once and wait.

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