Power Down LED blinking and noise

By Casemaker ·
I have a pc on the bench. It would not boot. Customer reported that it went into hibernation adn would not come back. then smelled metal smells. Open case heat sink fan clogged with dirt. Cleaned out put in used CPU boots fine. When I shut down it shuts down but I hear a clicking sound and the power led is blinking.

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Fans and Power Supply

by TheChas In reply to Power Down LED blinking a ...

Check the fans for bad bearings. That is one potential source of the clicking sound.

Do you have an analog volt meter? Or, a fast responding DMM?

It is possible that either the power supply or the power control circuit on the motherboard is attempting a restart.

Check the 5 volt line at a drive connector and see if that voltage jumps up and down.

If it does, try a different power supply and / or check the power switch on the PC.


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HDD LED blinking not Power LED

by Casemaker In reply to Fans and Power Supply

Sorry, I made a mistake. It is the HDD LED that blinks not the Power LED.

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If that's the case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HDD LED blinking not Powe ...

Is it the HDD that is making the noise?

I've only ever seen it the one time but on one setup the HDD was flicking the read/write heads from one extreme to the other when the unit was shut down. A replacement PS cured that problem but by that time the HDD had suffered some damage and it died not much latter.


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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Power Down LED blinking a ...

The clinking sound i can identify as the power supply as a result of a burnt out circuit on the motherboard.I would imagine this was caused by the heat generated while the fan was broken

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Will it function

by Casemaker In reply to motherboard

Thanks for your post. Do you feel it would run ok and they will just have to unplug it. They are going to have to buy a used cpu so I want to make sure it will run ok except for the shutdown.

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