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Power DVD XP

By peterbakker ·
Power DVD XP

Will not work with:

OS Windows xp home

Asus A7S266-vm mother board

sis 740 video card on board

c media AC97 sound on board

First it came up with a screen resolution problem
changed to run in 256 colour mode but it just sits there and won't run the dvd.

Thankyou regards Peter

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Power DVD XP

by TheChas In reply to Power DVD XP

I assume that you have Power DVD version 4 or 5.

How much RAM do you have?

My personal minimum for XP is 256MB. With on-board video, you need at least another 64MB of RAM, or 320MB for things to operate anywhere near smooth.

In BIOS settings, how much RAM is set aside for the video system?
It needs to be at least 32MB.

While you technically may meet the minimum system requirements for Power DVD, I suspect that the real root of your problem is the on-board video.

"Typically", on-board video has 10 percent of the performance of a plug-in video card. Some of this comes from the shared resources and thus slower RAM access speeds.
A lot comes from the fact that most motherboards with on-board video and sound are "price-point" items. The parts are chosen to meet a selling price target, not a level of performance.

IMHO, systems with on-board video are best left to simple tasks such as basic word processing and web browsing. They simply are not up to the task when called upon to run involved graphics applications.

You can try adding RAM, and dedicating more RAM to the video system, but your best option is to get a good PCI video card.


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by peterbakker In reply to Power DVD XP

Thankyou Regards Peter

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Power DVD XP

by nicholas.chapman99 In reply to Power DVD XP


Something i have noticed with these DVD players is that they require Directx8.1 or higher. This they do not mention.
Directx 9.0a can be found here <>

Also have a look for any patches to the version of Power DVD that you have. They can be found here <>

Lastly you might want to try to find the latest Video card driver. try <>


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by peterbakker In reply to Power DVD XP

Thankyou Regards Peter

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by peterbakker In reply to Power DVD XP

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