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    power flicker.


    by ctillman825 ·

    Hi, I have a computer that I built from scratch just a little over a year ago. it has run fine every day until just yesterday when, we had a sudden power outage. the power flickered on and off about 5 times before shutting off for an hour, it was a flicker, not a surge. I come back to my computer after the power has turned back on and tried to turn it on, but there was no signal to the monitor. ive tried both VGA and DVDI connections with 2 different cables each. I have a specific problem with my graphics card, my BIOS wont Display on DVDI even when set that way, so i have to boot to VGA and then when the OS appears, i switch to DVDI. neither one is working. I couldnt imagine a power flick destroying the onboard visual on my motherboard, but im out of ideas. I just want a second opinion before i eat an other 200 bucks on a board. Oh and one last note, other than the visuals, the computer IS working. it goes to windows, (i know because if i leave it on for awhile, you can hear the Windows welcome jingle. Anyone have any ideas?

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