power is not coming to CPU

By brpreddy ·
Hello all,
yesterday, I kept my PC turned on and power failed 3 times continuosly. after 3rd powercut, i switchoff the power supply.

Today, when I tried to switch on my PC, power supply stopped to CPU. No power to CPU?

What may be the problem? soluton ?


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It is most likely the Power supply has failed.

by 1bn0 In reply to power is not coming to C ...

If power failed 3 times, thats 3 opportunities for the power to spike when it comes back on.

Take it to a shop and have them test the power supply unless you have or are willing to purchase a tester. The shop is better as they should be able to test your machine with a spare supply if your fails testing.

There may be more damage to the computer than just the power supply. If so a new supply is a waste of money. You would not know at that point how many of the other components are damaged. e.g. mother board, CPU, memory, etc. It would probably be more cost effective to replace. Unlessyou havethe time and spare parts available to determine the extent of the damage/failures?

But do check the power supplly first. With luck it is just the power supply. I have replaced the supplies in two different machines in the last 5 days.

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If you lost Mains Power with the unit working

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to power is not coming to C ...

It is most likely that the problem occurred when the power was returned. There is a massive spike sent down the Mains when power is restored and this can destroy a Power Supply very easily.

Best case scenario is that the Fuse in the PS has blown and stopping the PS from working but it is just as likely to be a failed Chopping Transistor at fault or Damaged Electrolytic Capacitors.


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