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Power Management?

By etingley ·
I have a need at a client to do some advanced power management on a few machines. The issue is that each of their development machines has a single large drive that's used for scratch space when they do certain projects. Only during this time is that drive used.

This drive in each machine is loud, and my customer would like to be able to shut down that drive (using power management) and keep it off until it's decided to power it back on again. I know it can be done, as after awhile the drive shuts down using regular power management schemes. The issue is that XP randomly spins up the drive for no reason.

We would like to turn a specific (secondary) drive off and keep it off until we're ready to use it. This is also a personal request as well, as my laptop has two hard drives in it, and the second one is only for storage, and not actively used. Battery power would be helped if I could do the same thing with my laptop, and shutdown the secondary drive when it's not in use.

Any help would be appreciated.

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