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    Power Options box is blank


    by txtsage ·

    How do I configure Power Options when the box is blank and will not let me make any changes? System always “shuts down” after 20 minutes. Hibernation and standby are set for “off.”

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      by robcowell ·

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      you can reinstall these items through control panel and add new programs and software then windows components.

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      by enbee_here ·

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      There are two ways to get into your Power Management properties.
      1- Right-click on the desktop, then click on the Screensaver tab.


      2- Go to Control Panel… then to Power Management.

      Once you get in there the top box should be titled “Power Schemes”. You can scroll to either Home/Office Desk, and then set the bottom controls to what you want. Or scroll to “Always On”… then again, set your preferences on the bottom box.

      Desktop computers aren’t really made to go into Standby mode … that was designed for Laptops. I would select the option that never turns off your hard drive. As far as your monitor, I would do the same, and just put on a simple screensaver that doesn’t use too much resources.

      Good luck,

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