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Power or software problem???

By thewalrusking ·
Hi, new to the board. My bros pc, one I built for him, is having odd hardware, and one software problems.
AMD64 3400+
MSI K8m Neo-V board, not sure of bios ver.
PNY Optima 512mb mem.
WD 160gb hd
Geforce 4 ti 4200 with 77.77 drivers.
Belkin 802.11g PCI wirless card
Raidmax 350 watt PSU, though total watts 178.
DVD burner, and ps/2 keyboard and mouse.

First after using the pc, getting it all set up to his liking, and all patched up it will eventually give him a blue screen right before windows boots up. After disabling reboot after error, allowing us to read it its always a catistrophic system error, blaming a random .sys or .something file.
THe only remedy is to reinstall windows. This has happened 6+times. with two diff operating systems. win2000 and winXP. This oddly enough gave me the error last night when installing his audio drivers, IN windows, same critical error message, after the next reboot, it gave me the error when booting up.
This gets tiring and isnt appearing to fix itself. Also, perhaps from the same problem his onbaord USB ports have never been able to recognize any device, mp3player/printer etc. After we installed a addon usb card, we could get connections but eventually it would time out, we can get about 10 mp3s transfered but eventually it will freeze (not windows just the usb /mp3 connection until reboot).
Also - His soundcard will intemittently have sound, and other times will not. His network, wireless card has sporadic connections. enough to make AIM disconnect frequently etc. NOW before you ask, I have installed millions of drivers, drivers supplied with the devices mp3 player/motherboard/addon card, as well as brand new ones straight from the vendors websites.
Windows restore is useless as it is not able to even get in windows after one of these errors anyway. Now I used cpu burn in and memory test programs and they all workded fine. Will try to use a new hard drive when my brother comes home in a couple of weeks, but doubtful thats the problem.
One thing that makes me wonder is that he bought a RaidMax case, a rather cheapo case with a 350watt Power supply unit. HOWEVER the sticker on the psu, says its peak wattage is only 178 watts. But if its a power supply issue, which would make the hardware trouble understandable, how does that explain the windows errors??????? well i turn it to u, hopeful u can answer.

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PNY memory is the problem

by knightcrawler In reply to Power or software problem ...

PNY memory is the problem. I have almost the same setup. I made the mistake of buying the PNY memory from CompUSA while on sale.

PNY memory is junk or simply incompatible. I had to slow it down to DDR300 to get it to run stable and not constantly reboot randomly. I recommend Kingston or Corsair memory both are on the approved list from MSI for this motherboard.

1. Corrupt files
2. Burning corrupt DVD's and CD's.
3. Video flakyness

Once I bought 1 Gig of Corsiar value memory from newegg.com I was able to run it at DDR400 with zero problems and all the flaky behavior disappeared.

Test yours by slowing the memory down to DDR300 in the bios, you will see that just about all the problems go away and that the computer will be stable.

BTW: I have a 450 watt xClio in my setup so power is not a problem.

PS: If you want to torture your memory download quickpar and try to create parity files for the biggest file on your hard drive. The computer might crash and/or the par files will be completely corrupt.

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