Power Outage - Now HP Computer will not power on green light in back blinks

By mdnitwhisper76 ·
There was a large power outage in my area. After the power came back on I notice that my hp computer will not power on. The light in the back by the power supply is blink green. Could this just mean that my power supply unit is bad? If any one can help it would be totally appreciated.

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Green Light

by TheChas In reply to Power Outage - Now HP Com ...

I assume the blinking green light is near where the network cable plugs in.

Anyhow, it is very possible that your power supply was damaged by the surge when the power came back on.

Many HP computers use custom power supplies. So, you may need to work with HP service to get a replacement supply.


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Just a little thing to try first

by OH Smeg In reply to Power Outage - Now HP Com ...

Unplug the system from the Mains and leave it out for about 30 Seconds. Replug and see if it now works.

Sometimes the Power Spike that comes when Power is returned causes ATX Power Supplies to Hang and not be workable. If that doesn't work you need to look inside the thing and test everything before committing yourself to a HP replacement PS. Most HP Computers can not use the Generic Power Supplies so you need one supplied from HP.

But if you have a standard PS handy you could plug it in to test.


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HP's troubleshooting page for psu problems

by Jacky Howe In reply to Power Outage - Now HP Com ...
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Thanks For The Reply's

by mdnitwhisper76 In reply to Power Outage - Now HP Com ...

I appreciate the reply's. I will try these things and see if I can get it fixed.

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your power issue

by captainronmc In reply to Power Outage - Now HP Com ...

did you fix the problem, if so, how... I have the same problem, thanks,

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Have you followed these steps

by Jacky Howe In reply to your power issue

they should let you know what the problem is.

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