Power problem, cpu not showing up on screen

By remix_writer_mix ·
I was trying to fix a power problem with my video card and possibly my burner, so I was looking for the voltage on my power supply when i came across a little red switch and a sticker saying 115/230v so being stupid as i am, with the computer on i switched it from the current 115 to the 230. When i look back at my screen it was blank, so my first thought was that i had moved the monitor cable which has given me problems before, so i tried everything i could think of including turning on and off the computer and monitor in every kind of combination. I took out the little round battery on the motherboard, and I disconnected everything except for power cable and monitor cable. Still i havnt gotten anything so far and the monitor seems to still work because i connected it to my sisters laptop (the one im using now), and my computer seems to turn on with no problems

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Power Supply

by TheChas In reply to Power problem, cpu not sh ...

First off, it is a bad move to switch the voltage selector switch with power on.

Did you shut down and move the switch back to 115? (Unless you have 230 volt AC power.)

If absolutely nothing happens, the power supply is likely dead.

Replacing the power supply with a new one should take care of things.

It is possible that your power supply can be repaired. But, it does require someone with the correct skills to do the work.


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power supply

by remix_writer_mix In reply to Power Supply

yeah thats what i was thinking but the wierd thing is the computer actually turns on, or at least sounds like it does there just isnt any picture. btw i did put it back to 115 beacuse i learned it was a european stting haha

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Drives spin up?

by TheChas In reply to power supply

You say it turns on.

Do the drives spin up and pulse the lights like normal?

If not, I still suspect a damaged power supply.

If the drives flash their lights, but the system just does not boot up into the OS, it is possible that a power surge from when you flicked the switch took out the mother board or CPU.

If I had this PC in front of me, I would start by connecting the power supply to my power supply tester and see how well it is actually working.

Next, I might try resetting the CMOS and seeing if that fixes things.

Then, it would be on to the CPU motherboard and video card.


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