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By ---TK--- ·
Background: Recently purchased a new (old) house, it currently has old wireing in some parts of the house (knob and tube). In my office all the outlets have the two prong outlets, not the 3 prong. I know the third prong (round) is for grounding purposes. I currently have a UPS ( that I use for all my PC's, and a slightly smaller one for my network.

For now would it be safe to get a three to two prong converter to run the main UPS? The UPS will only be running one PC (700 watt max, idle 75-100 watts) and one monitor (for now).

We are getting the house rewired (knob and tube will be taken out), new updated outlets (grounded), and a bigger circuite breaker in 2 weeks.

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should be fine in in the short term

by SKDTech In reply to Power Question

But if any storms come through you will want to physically unplug it from the wall

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It Depends

by TheChas In reply to Power Question

From a pure electrical standpoint, there are no real problems using a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter.

However, many UPS systems will not switch to battery mode if you do not have a good ground connection.

Another issue is that without the ground line, you have only partial surge protection.

As long as you stay aware that the UPS may not switch to battery and your surge protection is weak, you can run with an adapter but will be at some risk.


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While it may be OK to do this

by OH Smeg In reply to Power Question

It isn't a safe option as if anything goes wrong you will not have a Earth Connection to conduct the Power away from the affected unit.

If you don't mind the possibility of an Electric Shock or death arising from this then it's OK. But if you dislike the idea of people dieing because you are taking short cuts then it's not acceptable or safe.


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Hazardous situation

by mjd420nova In reply to Power Question

In this scenario you have a real shock hazard that could kill. Unless you pay close attention and all equipment that is two pronged, polarization of the outlet and the plugs, it would be possible to get the full voltage present between two pieces of equipment. Yes, it is a problem. The surge protector should be grounded, even if you have to run a wire from a water pipe to the case, do it, it could mean your life.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Power Question

Thank you to all who provided a (valued) opinion with the issue I was having!

The best way to put it is that the APC unit I was going to use, exceeded the conversion prong specs. I checked out the smaller unit, and that barely met the specs, I gave it a shot... Going against what my brain was saying, and the fact that its not a smart idea to go with out a ground...

The APC unit actually threw an error, and would not draw from the outlet. There is a little red LED light on the back, never noticed it till yesterday night. Which lights up when the outlet doesn't meet the requirements of the unit.

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That light is a ground detector

by mjd420nova In reply to Resolution....

Without a proper ground, that light will remain on and the unit cannot provide any protection or correct power to any of the outlets. Running a ground wire to a cold water pipe will allow you to use the unit.

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