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Hi everyone ,something bothering me for a long time now need some help.My PC just started behaving rather strangely over the past 2 weeks,it turns itself down automatically without warning.After reboot it comes up for half a minute and then goes off again.When I tun it on again after say an hour it works for around 20-25 minutes and goes off again.

My Pc is 5-6 yrs OLD.It could be a heat related issue but barring that if its a Hardware issue then which one is most likely???(also it stopped working something before was not getting powered on by pressing the power button later on I found out that the CMOS battery was faulty,PC started working after replacing the same )

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by Kenone In reply to POWER RELATED ISSUE?

Time to clean out those fans and heatsinks. It could be a PSU issue but it sounds more like its just heat build up caused by dirt.

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The CMOS battery typically will not stop the PC from booting

by robo_dev In reply to POWER RELATED ISSUE?

it WILL complain about date-time being wrong (press F2 to continue, etc).

As Kenone mentioned, clean out the dust, and make sure all fans are spinning.

From a pure electronic troubleshooting standpoint, it might be a case of faulty capacitors on the motherboard. Do a google search on Badcaps for more info.

My guess would be that the mobo is bad, not the PSU.

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