Power settings on Windows XP

By kcikowski ·
Boss wants me to find a way to implement the power saving option in Windows XP specifically for the hard drive option to turn off after 15 mins. He feels in light of our many recent hard drive failures on our Dell laptops if we give a break, that will help decrease failures. I notice that this option is user specific. We want a way to change it once and for all users. Anyone know of a quick and dirty way to do this? Much Thanks!

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Group policy is out

by Leee In reply to Power settings on Windows ...

My first thought was to suggest setting a power down option using group policy, but it seems that group policy doesn't cover even that. However, the <a href="http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=power_mgt.pr_pm_ez_gpo" target="_blank">EnergyStar EZ GPO</a> tool seems to be what you're looking for. Let me know.

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Sweet, thank you!

by georgeou In reply to Group policy is out

Very nice find. Vista has GP management of power management built in but it doesn't help XP users.

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Thank you!

by kcikowski In reply to Sweet, thank you!

Thanks so much for the replies. But I think purchasing software is outta the question. My boss would rather us "do it ourselves".

I was hoping for a quick fix. Thanks again!

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Copy profile

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Thank you!

Copy the profile from the user that has the settings you want to the default user on the C drive. (C:\Documents and Settings\default User). You'll have to be logged in as administrator (cannot be the profile copied) and set folder view to show hidden system files. Right click My Computer and choose properties, then go to the Advanced tab and click on the User Profiles button. Click the profile you want to copy, click the Copy To button, browse to default user. In the bottom box type in Everyone and click the check names button, then click OK. Click Ok to the warning about overwriting the default user profile. You have to be logged in workstation only as administrator to do this.

You can also set browser homepages and a lot of other defaults when you do this.

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Should be free

by Leee In reply to Thank you!

The tool I mentioned shouldn't cost you a thing. Or at least nothing you haven't paid for in your taxes--it's from the government.

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by jared.ochs In reply to Power settings on Windows ...

Change this setting in the registry under local machine.

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