Power Supply Bypass for compaq

By joshattuck ·
I have a compaq presario patop 2500. The AC/DC receptor plug in back of unit heated up and broke.
The laptop fine through with battery, but i want to be able to plug it in, obviously. I want to hardwire the ac/dc adaptor directly to the 5 pin plug inside the battery pack (by going through an old battery pack that I emptied out- I took all the old cells and circuitry out)

Does anyone know if its just positive to positive, and negative to negative?

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This is a bad idea

by Langlier In reply to Power Supply Bypass for c ...

it is a much better idea to buy a cheap ac jack and solder it onto your motherboard if you would rather modify then replace.

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Type of adapter needed

by mjd420nova In reply to Power Supply Bypass for c ...

A lot depends on the adapter. If it's an AC to DC adapter, that is its output is DC, and its available current is enough to power the laptop, then replacing the output with the adapter should work okay. If the adapter is just an AC to AC type, then it won't work as you intend to use it, as the AC to DC converter is part of the system board and just inputting DC won't work.

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I've got the adaptor works fine- its ac to dc

by joshattuck In reply to Type of adapter needed

trying to hardwire the dc thru an empty battery case, would this work? Or can I just add dc input to a working battery- keeping the cells intact, so the BIOS operates ok?

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thanks...tried that first, -

by joshattuck In reply to Power Supply Bypass for c ...

the motherboard doesnt 'recognize' any power from that input point- other tech sais the contacts may have become heated up and separated- hence trying to go thru an empty battery case

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Need a true Power Supply not an Adapter

by TheChas In reply to Power Supply Bypass for c ...

You do NOT want to use JUST a normal AC power adapter for your laptop.

What you need is a fully regulated DC power supply designed to the correct voltage with enough current capability for the worst case power surge that laptop may draw.

On most laptops, the battery is part of the power supply circuit even when running off of the adapter. The battery smooths out and stabilizes the voltage output from the adapter.

A power supply of the level you need to safely run your laptop will run around $100 (US). It will also weigh twice as much as the laptop.


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